A Spoonful of Paolo


October 06, 2022
A Spoonful of Paolo
Show Notes

The world knows her as Sporty Spice, Mel C or Melanie C. She is one fifth of one of the most successful bands of ALL TIME and a solo star in her own right. I have dreamed of interviewing a Spice Girl for over 10 years, and today that dream finally comes true. Melanie has a gorgeous new memoir out called "The Sporty One: My Life As A Spice Girl", and it is a stunning recollection of the highest highs and lowest lows of her life and career. She shares her intense struggles with anxiety, depression and eating disorders, and takes us along on her journey of healing. She says she is "rebranding vulnerability as a super power", and I have no doubt that she will help countless readers and fans find healing in their own lives. This interview was one of the great honors of my life, and I truly hope you enjoy it. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present the SEASON 12 PREMIERE of "A Spoonful of Paolo"!

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